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Delta Family Chiropractic Health Center

Welcome to Delta Family Chiropractic Health Center!

We treat the cause of pain and disease - not the symptoms.

Chiropractic Objectives:

The first objective of the Doctor of Chiropractic is to give you relief from the discomfort which is presently affecting you. There may be some initial relief present following the first spinal adjustment. In most cases it usually takes several office visits to get relief, yet some patients may require a longer period of time. This all depends on the severity, nature, and duration of you present condition.

Temporary relief should not be mistaken for permanent correction. To receive maximum benefits from Chiropractic care, you must allow enough time for complete correction of the cause of your condition. During this correction period you are allowing your weakened muscles and ligaments to adjust to their new positions. The original condition may re-occur if the proper process of care is not followed.

Since you have chosen chiropractic care, it appears that you are searching for permanent correction to the causes of your condition. This in turn will lead to a return to normal health through the findings revealed by your x-rays and examination.

The essential element in attaining the preferred results in your case is allowing enough TIME. The Doctor of Chiropractic and nature can only work at a certain rate to heal and repair your body. TIME is needed to completely repair, strengthen, and heal the causes so your condition improves.

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